Shop and Establishment Act India

If you are running any startup in India that gets covered under commercial establishment, specified below, you need to get registered under the Shop and Establishment Act (S&E Act) that governs laws related to the treatment of your employees. A commercial...

Passing Off Meaning

No man is entitled to carry on his business to give an impression that he is carrying on the business of another man or has any connection with the business carried on by another man. In the Monetary Over seas Vs. Montari Industries Ltd. case it has been held that...

Domain Name Infringement

The Indian law offer protection to infringing use of domain names and have been proactive in granting orders in the regard. Here are some of the recent cases: vs. vs. In the case it has been...

Patents | All about intellectual property rights in India

Learn everything you need to know about how patent works, how to submit patent applications, and what you can do in case of infringements. Plus also get recommendation to file your patent at a competitive rate.

FDI into India: Everything you need to know

Get insights into foreign direct investment (FDI) into India including Indian laws to comply with, permitted sectors, capital instruments and investments by NRIs

Indian Legal System

India follows the common law system that incorporates essential characteristics of common law jurisdictions, for example: Indian courts follow previous decisions on the same legal issue, and decisions of the appellate court, i.e., the higher court which hears the...

Business Laws in India

India has codified business laws that include laws relating to contracts, companies, partnerships, limited liability partnerships, trusts, insolvency, exchange control, competition, and taxation. These codified laws are supplemented by policy pronouncements, press...

Obligation Meaning

An Obligation is a generic term for any legal duty or liability to pay or do something.

E-Commerce in India: Legal Issues and Managing Risks

Get an in-depth understanding of Indian legal system pertaining to foreign investment, security issues, consumer protection, intellectual property and content regulation to effectively manage risks for a rapidly growing e-commerce business

Electronic Contracts: Validity and Enforcement in India

What are the legal issues relating to the formation, validity and enforcement of electronic or online contracts under Indian law? Learn everything before you sign your first online contract with customers, vendors and employees.


The courts have observed that any person who is disobedient becomes an insubordinate and his conduct amounts to insubordination. Therefore, an employee not listening to a lawful order or not listening to the orders of the superior becomes insubordination as it implies...

Sexual Harassment at Work

The Supreme Court, through its latest legislation “The Sexual Harassment Of Women At Workplace (prevention, prohibition, and redressal) Act,2013”, has laid down guidelines relating to the protection of women against sexual harassment and for the prevention and...

Terminated Meaning

Termination of employment means when the employee is relieved of his duties and responsibilities either voluntarily or involuntarily. Voluntary termination means when an employee resigns or reaches the retirement age. Involuntary terminations mean when the employee is...

Non-Solicitation Meaning

Employers often incorporate a Non-solicitation clause in the employment agreement to prevent an employee or a former employee, during or after his employment, from indulging in business with other employees, or soliciting customers for his benefits. Upon a breach of...
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