Everything you need to know about choosing a business structure, how to incorporate, and what steps to take after you incorporate for compliance

Legal Meaning

Indian Legal System

India follows the common law system that incorporates ...

Shop & Establishment Act

If you are running any commercial establishment in India, you ...

Business Laws

India has codified business laws that include laws relating to ...

Legal Obligation

It is a generic term for any legal duty or liability to pay or do something

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Choosing Business Structure for Your Startup

Learn about options available – Sole Proprietorship, Partnership Firm, One Person Company, Limited Liability Partnership and Private Limited Company – to setup your business structure in an informed and hassle-free way and for long-term success.

What is Stock Repurchase Agreement?

A stock purchase agreement – download free template – helps a company buys its shares back from public and private investors. Similarly, you may want to sell your shares in a company to either book profile or exit that particular investment.

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