Employment Offer Letter

Private and Confidential

Date: ____th ___ 20__


Address: ____________
Cont. #: ________________
E-mail Id: ____________________

Dear ________________,

We are pleased to offer you employment with _________________ (the “Company”). We have much pleasure in confirming the key terms of this offer as follows:

Date of Commencement

  • Your employment with the Company will commence on _________, subject to completion of all joining formalities. You will be required to enter into appropriate employment agreement/s with the Company on the Date of Joining, which will contain detailed terms and conditions of your employment with the Company. Until you fully sign the employment agreement/s with the Company, no relationship (employment, contractual or otherwise) will exist between the parties.

Proposed role and scope

  • You are engaged as _____________ and are expected to render the services to the best of your abilities.
  • You will be reporting to _______________ or any such person as designated by the Company.
  • You will be based in Company office at ________ the United Kingdom, the Company may change the location at its discretion.
  • Your job title and scope of work is subject to change and amendment according to the needs of the company, and you can be entitled to perform other work in a similar position as required by the company.


  • Your CTC will be INR____________/- per annum (INR: (_______________ only) and will be paid on a monthly basis within the first week of every month in accordance with the company policy in this regard and the workings will be set out in Annexure-A. The Company can make deductions all such taxes required under the law from the employee’s salary as detailed in Annexure- A.
  • You are entitled to receive the work-related expenses subject to a maximum of GBP__________ which will be reimbursed within a reasonable time on the production of proper relevant proof/documents.
  • Any additional remuneration paid to you in the form of bonus or overtime will rest solely at the discretion of the company, and you will not earn or accrue any right for the same.

Probation Period and Termination of Employment

  • Your first ______ (____) months with us will be a probationary period. This means that either party (you or us) will be entitled to terminate the employment contract at any time during this period by giving ___ (_____) week’s notice in writing. You shall be deemed to be on probation until you receive written communication confirming the completion of the same.
  • After completing the probationary period, the Company will have an option to assess work designated to you to evaluate your fit in Company. However, your probationary period can be extended to have more time to assess your performance.
  • After the probationary period, either party may terminate this Agreement with forty-five (45) days of written notice or payment of salary in lieu of such notice.

Employment Documents

  • You are required to submit various documents as detailed in ‘Annexure B’ for the Company’s records on or before the Date of Joining.
  • Also, you are required to submit a relieving letter or a letter of confirmation from your most recent employer that your resignation has been unconditionally accepted. If you do not have this documentation on the Date of Joining, you will not be allowed to join the employment until such documentation is provided.
  • Further, you agree to provide any such documents to the Company to enable to carry out background checks. The Company reserves the right to withdraw this offer at the sole discretion if you fail to provide any or all of the documentation requested.

Background verification

  • This offer and your employment with the Company is further subject and contingent upon the successful completion of the background verification checks to the satisfaction of the Company. In the event the Company is not satisfied with the results of the background check conducted on you, the Company is entitled to withdraw this offer and to terminate your employment forthwith. Further, the Company reserves the right to ask you to undergo medical examinations if and when considered necessary by it.


  • Your regular work schedule will be almost 10 (ten) hours per day and 48 (forty-eight) hours per week. The company will work five days a week, Monday to Friday. However, you may be required to work more than the regular work hours to meet business exigencies. By signing this employment, you agree that you will not involve yourself in any outside business or other gainful occupation with any other person or entity during your period of employment with the Company, without the prior written agreement with the Director of the company.
  • You are entitled to a paid-up sick leave and casual leaves of ____ days, as per company policies. The company will determine the sanction of casual leaves as per its discretion.
  • Apart from the above, you are entitled to a paid leave according to the list of holidays of the company, which is detailed in Annexure- C of this document.


  • You will be entitled to the benefits that are currently available as per the company policy and provided by law.


  • The position held by you is of a strictly confidential nature. You shall not disclose to any unauthorized person, either during or after your employment with the company, any information about the interest or business of the company or any affiliated company or companies or any information pertaining to their clients and/or with the end consumers of our clients – the knowledge you may have acquired while in the employment of the firm.
  • You shall not communicate to public papers, journals, pamphlets or leaflets, any information or documents, official or otherwise relating to the company except with the prior approval of the management.
  • Upon separation from the company, you shall return the company all the assets and property of the company (including any leased properties), documents, files, books, papers, memos or any other property of the company in your possession or under your control.
  • Your remuneration is purely a matter between yourself and the company and has been arrived by your job, skills specific background and professional merit. We expect you to maintain this information and any changes made therein from time to time as personal and confidential.
  • Information about the company’s operations shall remain confidential and safeguarded by you.

Restrictive Covenants

  • During your employment and one year from termination of employment with this company, you are prevented from setting up or participate in a business which conflicts with the business of the company.
  • You are also restricted to influence directly or indirectly other employees of the company to leave the company and work in a company or firm which competes with the business of the company.
  • It is further stated that, following termination of the employment with the company for any reason, you shall not solicit business from current clients preceding your termination.
  • In case of breach of this provisions, the company will be entitled to claim damages against you for the loss suffered and result in termination of the employment.

Breach of any of the above terms and conditions will render you liable to termination of your employment without notice or compensation thereof.

It may be noted that the Company reserves the right to withdraw this offer at its sole discretion at any time before the Date of Joining with due communication to you.

Please con your acceptance of this offer by signing the letter and return a copy to me as soon as possible keeping one copy for your records.

We are confident that we will be able to offer you a challenging and rewarding career with ___________ (the Company).

Yours sincerely,

For ______________ (the Company)

_________________ (Name of Authorised Signatory)

I have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions as outlined in this offer letter. I am aware and agree that this offer of employment will lapse if the company does not receive my signed acceptance within four working days from the date of this letter.

_____________ (Signature of the Employee)


Annexures A and B


Annexure A

Name of the Employee: __________
Effective Date: _____________

Salary Computation
Basic Salary
House Rental Allowance
Conveyance Allowance
Medical Allowance
Special Allowance
Gross Salary
PF – Employer Contribution
 Total CTC



Annexure B

List of documents to be submitted on the Date of Joining
(Please bring originals for verification)


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