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A termination letter notifies an employee that he has been fired, provide reasons of the termination, his compensation due and the next steps to smoothly transition out of the company. Doing it right with will help protect your business legally.

A Termination Letter informs an employee that he has been fired. It is also called letter of termination, pink slip, letter of separation, notice of termination of employment and contract termination letter. It could be given for without cause, such as staff reduction for poor business, or with cause, such as attendance or performance reasons.

Using a good termination letter will help protect your business legally, provide documentation of the termination, lists the next steps the employee needs to take and explains benefits and compensation he is due to receive to smoothly transition out of the company.

Termination Letter Format

Download this free Employee Termination Letter sample and have it customized for your unique business legal needs today.

Employee Termination Letter

Date: 18/06/2018

[Name of Employee],
[Address of Employee],
E-mail Id: [Email of Employee]

Dear [First Name of Employee],

This letter is to inform you that your employment with [Company Name] will end as of [Date of Termination]. This decision is not reversible.

[State reason for termination – example performance issues as detailed below]
Your employment was terminated for the following performance reasons:

  1. On 4 June 2018, you received a performance feedback and were informed that your performance would be required to be improved for your continued employment with  [Company Name].
  2. On 3 August, 2018, you received a second warning that your failure to improve your performance within 60 days would result in termination of your employment.
  3. Despite above feedback and warnings, You have failed to meet agreed upon performance targets. As a result, your employment has been terminated.

You will receive your final salary as well as payment for remaining leave within 7 days from today.

You are requested to return all company property, including your laptop, mobile phone and ID card before the end of the day.

Also, keep in mind that you have signed a confidentiality agreement. Please review the attached copy.

If you have questions about compensation, benefits, company property or policies you have signed, please contact Jane Doe from HR department.


[Name of HR Manager]
Human Resources
[Name of Company]

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