Business Operations

Daily business operations: Service Agreement, Partnership Contract, Master Service Agreement etc – everything you need to efficiently run your startup

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FDI into India: Everything you need to know

Get insights into foreign direct investment (FDI) into India including Indian laws to comply with, permitted sectors, capital instruments and investments by NRIs

E-Commerce in India: Legal Issues and Managing Risks

Get an in-depth understanding of Indian legal system pertaining to foreign investment, security issues, consumer protection, intellectual property and content regulation to effectively manage risks for a rapidly growing e-commerce business

Electronic Contracts: Validity and Enforcement in India

What are the legal issues relating to the formation, validity and enforcement of electronic or online contracts under Indian law? Learn everything before you sign your first online contract with customers, vendors and employees.

Dissolution of Partnership: Causes and Process

Download Free Partnership Agreement | All about Partnership Agreement What is a dissolution of a partnership? Dissolution of a partnership refers to the change in the partnership relation between all the partners. In some cases, such as a partner leaving or a new...

Subcontractor Agreement: Free Download (2018)

Download free subcontractor agreement template detailing all terms and conditions including scope of work, compensation – Fixed Price or Time and Money, customer interaction, exclusivity, insurance, subcontracting and mechanism for dispute resolution.

Partnership Agreement: All you need to know

Download free sample Partnership Agreement to help you specify obligations and contributions of each partner, addressing key business situations such as distributing profits, operational responsibilities, management and dissolution.

Cease and Desist: What You Need to Know [sample included]

Is someone copying your website or selling your product with little or no variations? Is a former employee soliciting your customers and taking your business away? Learn about sending cease and desist letter to protect yourself.

Service Agreement Template – Free Download

Download free service agreement sample between a service provider and a buyer, detailing all terms and conditions including scope of work, duration for completion of service, payment terms and mechanism for dispute resolution.

Cheque Bounce: How to recover money?

What are the legal remedies available to you if your check bounces? Get step-by-step advise on initiating appropriate legal process against the person, issuing the check, that would maximises your chances of recovering your money.

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